"What immediately strikes one on viewing Richardson’s paintings is their sheer effervescence: they bubble with life. Like the bubbles in a glass of champagne the colours pop and dance across the canvas. It is this intense liveliness which renders the works so happy and life-enhancing. All is positive and inspirational. It is no coincidence that water is a constant feature in his work: the font of all life, it is used to reflect back the life it has helped create. As a result, the circle of nature is completed. This gives great comfort to the viewer: all is right with the world as we are transported into le meilleur des mondes possibles!"

Síle Connaughton-Deeny

11-13th March 2016  
Courcoux Contemporary Art Cathedral Close  
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The Lee At Sunday's Well
Oil on Canvas
47x63 inches

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The Red Bicycle: Grand Canal, Dublin
Oil on Canvas
24 X 32 inches

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The Bridge At Brantome
Oil On Canvas
24x36 inches

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The White Bridge : Carolina
Oil on Canvas
24x30 inches

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Mooring Posts, Venice.
Oil On Canvas. 30x40 inches

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Little Venice.
Oil On Canvas. 24x32 inches.

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On The Water. Marais Poitevin.
Oil On Canvas. 24x30 inches.